A Lazy Cruise in Fast Motion!

Here is a long lazy down current cruise in fast motion through the maze of mangrove channels in Lower Sugarloaf!

Nurse Sharks make a showing.

It's always impressive to see these guys out on the flats, and there were plenty of them today!

Dolphin on the Flats

What an experience to see these guys in such close proximity!

Experience the Mangrove Tunnels

Come experience the wide variety of mangrove tunnesl that are just a short paddle out from shore.

Clear Water Glide

Man I love these crystal clear waters... it is so awesome to check out all the sponges, seagrass beds and juvenile fish!  It's those sponges and sea grass that help filter the water and make it so clear.

Secret Reality Portal in the Mangroves!

I found this unique reality portal in the mangroves.... very cool!

Come on out and learn!

Admittedly, those of you who know me well, know that I enjoy telling a tale or winding a yarn of sorts....  but sometimes along my tours I do intersperse my BS with a fact or two....  those who are interested can enjoy, those not... feel free to tune me out.

Either way, come on out and enjoy a tour!

Awesome Fly By!

We were graced by this flock of pelicans that did a direct fly by over our heads! 

End of the Road

You never know what you will find... this is literally the end of road for someone!  This is the end of the old overseas highway that leadfs out of Lower Sugarloaf, nothing more than a path in the woods now.  

Cassiopeia Cruisin'

Here is a comfotable cruise through the young mangroves over a bed of cassiopeia.  The definition of a relaxing day.....

This dog won't hunt!

This was a funny one, old Jackson's sniffer must have been disabled!

Lazy Down Current Float!

It's awesome when you catch the current right!

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