Our Kayaks

We use Ocean Kayak Malibu Two XL, Perception Tribe 13.5, and Hobie Compass Duo kayaks for our guided tours.  They are the most frequently used sit on top ocean kayaks for tours for a number of very important reasons.

Stability - These kayaks are wide, stable and track well, while reducing the incidence of splashing .  They are so stable that it is even easy to stand up on them and utilize them as a stand up paddleboard.

Comfort - Adjustable seats and numerous molded foot placements allow for a paddler of any height to find a comfortable way to sit and gain the most leveage for appropriate paddling.  In addition, the sit on top one piece molded kayak with drain scuppers allows for any paddle drip and/or splash to drain from the kayak so that the paddler remains fairly dry and does not have to sit in accumulating water.

Flexibility - These Kayaks can be used as singles, or tandems, and can even accomodate a small child or pet between two adults.

Why Not Clear Bottom Kayaks?

People ask me all the time, "Hey Matt, why not clear bottom kayaks"?  The answer is simple.  The majority of "clear bottom" kayaks are sit in types, like a canoe.  They are certainly not as stable, collect water from splashes and paddle drip, and if for some reason you fall out, you have to find a way to right it, and drain it.... and that is pretty challenging if you happen to be in a deeper channel.

Then, most don't have foot rests and you sit on the bottom of the kayak, in water with a soggy bottom trying to find a comfortable way to sit... cross legged, legs straight out, on your knees?!?  Further, because you sit "in" the kayak, the edge comes up high around you making a proper paddling technique challenging.  That gets old on a multi-hour tour.

But you can see through the bottom??  Uh...huh.  Most of that space is taken up by your legs, and your belongings, and ultimately the material these kayaks are made of get scratched easily, and fade making it difficult to see through.  In reality, the water is so clear in the Keys that you see better by looking directly into the water.

And that, dear friends is why we don't use them.

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